My name is Olivia and I’m the owner of Wanderlush! An online clothing shop for young women offering carefully selected, one of a kind and stunning pieces for you to wear on your most memorable moments!
It all began in 2016. I was a stay at home mom of two little girls and found myself at a crossroad in life. After going to school on and off for many years, I had managed to finish a bachelor’s in psychology... but after a long time searching, I couldn’t find a decent job in my area. The only option I felt I had at the moment was to go back to school and go for a masters degree or try something new that I was passionate about which was fashion and style. I felt lost and scared to make the wrong decision but deep down inside I knew going back to school was not going to fulfill me. So, I braced myself and made the deliberate choice to go with what I knew I loved. I started my online boutique with only $300, a corner space in my closet and a dream. 
Wanderlush and I have grown together, and what started as a dream has become a fashion destination for amazing young women all over the world. Our customers which are really a part of our girl gang, mean everything to me and the Wanderlush team. We want for every girl that wears our styles to not only look and feel good and confident, but also to always believe in their dreams and vision they have for their lives. To fully trust their ability to achieve all they desire because anything is possible.
With lots of love,